Sunday, October 10, 2010


No I am not racing or going to a race...just wanted to do that. So with that, good morning to you all.

I was most distressed Friday during my training session...I actually had some exercises pulled from my session - flat out because I could not do them. One was a modified push up and my left shoulder (and related muscles) said mmmm, no. Then doing some band stuff (3rd set at least) I could not get them over my I finished with my right side.

I was able to do most of the rest without much of an issue and since they did not involve climbing on to anything that was a win for me too. I did particularly like one move we did with a medicine ball where we got to throw it as hard as we could on the ground...that was pretty sweet.

I guess the BEST news is that today is Sunday and my arms are not anywhere near as sore as they were the week before. So I do have hope that I will eventually have some training days that will not make me regret it a few days later. Or maybe the exercises I skipped were "the ones"....I prefer my happy thought though.

Yesterday (Saturday) we walked the neighborhood (1.15) miles in ~26 minutes....while that may not sound impressive, we had our kids with us and kept it at a pace we could all enjoy. And that was besides the other running around we did around during the day.

And today, I have already been a productive member of society and mowed the yard...and actually cut down some little trees. After I got to working on one of them, I felt kind of bad. I have no idea what kind of tree it is but as I got closer to the ground cutting, I saw that it actually grew out of a hole in a brick that is under the fence. Kind of reminded me of the trees that would grow around/through barbed wire or my warm fuzzy though of the day is think of those trees and things that may seem impossible are not always.

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