Sunday, October 10, 2010


No I am not racing or going to a race...just wanted to do that. So with that, good morning to you all.

I was most distressed Friday during my training session...I actually had some exercises pulled from my session - flat out because I could not do them. One was a modified push up and my left shoulder (and related muscles) said mmmm, no. Then doing some band stuff (3rd set at least) I could not get them over my I finished with my right side.

I was able to do most of the rest without much of an issue and since they did not involve climbing on to anything that was a win for me too. I did particularly like one move we did with a medicine ball where we got to throw it as hard as we could on the ground...that was pretty sweet.

I guess the BEST news is that today is Sunday and my arms are not anywhere near as sore as they were the week before. So I do have hope that I will eventually have some training days that will not make me regret it a few days later. Or maybe the exercises I skipped were "the ones"....I prefer my happy thought though.

Yesterday (Saturday) we walked the neighborhood (1.15) miles in ~26 minutes....while that may not sound impressive, we had our kids with us and kept it at a pace we could all enjoy. And that was besides the other running around we did around during the day.

And today, I have already been a productive member of society and mowed the yard...and actually cut down some little trees. After I got to working on one of them, I felt kind of bad. I have no idea what kind of tree it is but as I got closer to the ground cutting, I saw that it actually grew out of a hole in a brick that is under the fence. Kind of reminded me of the trees that would grow around/through barbed wire or my warm fuzzy though of the day is think of those trees and things that may seem impossible are not always.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To Soar, you sometimes must be sore....

That is my new "phrase" of the there are 0 days between trainings that I am not either sore or achy or downright "hurty" - that is what I am going to run with. We did legs on Wednesday...I though I was going to toss in the towel 10 minutes in after my brilliant display of my lack of balance: picture me...trying to step up on on weight bench with only one foot then standing all the way up and balance myself while doing so. So my friend finally got to see exactly how someone could (while sober) trip up a step and break a bone....

After that we got to some easier type stuff (both feet on the ground at the same time). Oh yeah, and cannot forget the "bounces" know, where you stick our butt out and bounce to work your thigh muscles (whatever those are called again) and hamstrings. I was so excited that I decided to wear fitting long pants so there maybe was not a lot of unnecessary jiggles.

Yesterday, I was having some joint pain...knees, hips and low back. I was like cool, I can take stuff for that - since I know I was exercising and did not immediately go into flu panic mode. Also, didn't have muscle pain. Well, that jumped up to bite me my legs are jelly-like. But I guess the work out with my arms this afternoon will take care of that....just hope that I don't end up in a position where I cannot get out of a chair!

And for anyone who is counting....there are only 6 days left before the next trip!

Monday, October 4, 2010

And then there were 9....

days that is....until I leave to go back to know, scene of the first graceful event of my 30's....

Decided a month/6 weeks ago that I was going to do HCG to try to lose weight....honestly, maybe made it 3 days before I cheated. Decided after a few weeks that it was not going to work with my current I dropped it but joined a gym and decided that it was fun. I am going with a friend, Lucy (name changed to protect the innocent!!!) and now we are going to meet with a Trainer (aka - he's trying to kill me - httkm). So now I have paid for training (money sunk), have Lucy (friend sunk), and now have published to the interweb (world sunk) - that should keep me on the straight and narrow, right?

Today is Monday, which means we will work our "pushing" muscles and back; Wednesday is legs; Friday is "pulling" muscles and abs. My questions is will there ever be a point where some part of my body is not sore and refusing to work properly? I still am having problems straightening out my right (good) arm and my collarbone area is grumbling when I try to lift my arm above my head. I am leaving next Thursday to go back to Cancun and am just hoping that I will not be wondering around like some kind of non-flexible goon because of being stiff.

I really don't want to be that whiney person but I think I may bring on the high pitchness if this does not change. I know there will be results but just maybe it will not need to be so painful...