Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best of luck or best of planning.... I just posted a novel about my broken collarbone and upcoming surgery. We (hubby and I ) took a repeat vacation to the same resort where I "broke" myself and had a fantastic time this time. We even got to see Alex (our favorite). So we get back late Sunday and back to the grind on Monday. My hubby comes home and says, guess what - I will be going on OK/KS on 3/14 for up to a week. Ummmm....after a quick math I point out that is 5 days after my surgery but it should be fine....except his parents are leaving to go out of town on 3/13 for a week. So I took at the situation again and figure this is OK. It will be several days after surgery - should not be completely daffy by then and the kids do tend to have radar to know when Mommy is not feeling so hot. Plus, my neighbor across the street is home a bit now and I have several folks I work with that are giving me permission to call if I need something and hubby is at work, ect.

Today we get official word that hubby will be leaving for sure on Sunday (3/14) and should be back on that Friday (3/19) at the latest (famous last words, right?). Oddly enough, the biggest thought that I have is that is all of spring break so either he is way lucky to miss out on the influx of extra people in town here or they have the best planning ever.....or maybe a little of both :-)

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